Isaac B.

Project # 3: Principle of Design: Dominance

In Uncategorized on April 30, 2011 at 11:34 pm

This design was a collage of images put together in order to communicate the principle of design of our choice. For this design it was quite difficult to come up with a topic and determine which principle of design I wanted to use. I wanted to do something simple that would not take me too much time to create, but I wanted it to look very good. So I decided to use the principle of dominance, and with that I incorporated the topic of nature and conservation. With this design I always knew I was going to center the main subject in some way. I decided to make a tree the main subject of the piece, and have the background be a city or a dump in order to show how we are destroying nature and filling the Earth with waste. So to isolate the tree, I covered it with a fishbowl using the eraser tool and the rotation tool. I also used the cloning tool and the magic wand tool to make the orb out of the fish bowl. To make the glowing effect I used the brush tool and reduced the opacity and the hardness of the brush in order to make the colors look transparent but also have them give off a gradient. Then, after I put the tree into the orb, I tweaked the saturation of the background image, which is Paris by the way, and the orb with the tree to make them seem cohesive and added the text under it because that is what we were supposed to do.

This is another version of this design.


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