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Logo Design 4 Using both Pen tool and Shape tool

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I love this design. This is hot.


Logo Design 3 Using the Pen Tool

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This is the third logo design. The picture of the hole punch was created using solely the pen tool. The font in this design is different for the others; it’s called Corbel.

Logo Design 2

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This design is slightly similar to the previous one. I used the same text, BlairMdITC TT Medium, that I used in the last design. This design, I believe, is simple and sophisticated.

Logo Design 1

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This is my first logo design for the hole punch. It is a very simple design in which I used both the ellipse tool and the text tool. The font in this design will be found in almost all of the others simply because it just looks cool and professional.

Project 02: Abstraction-Simple Object Form Image 1

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Creating this image in Illustrator was very time consuming. But I believe that by doing this I have definitely learned a lot about how I can use Adobe Illustrator effectively. I am pleased with the end product.

Phone Tutorial

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This project was a tutorial to show us how to recreate a scanned image in Adobe Illustrator. For this project we utilized what we learned last class about the Pathfinder tools and incorporated it into this project. We also used tools such as the Polygon tool, the Ellipse tool, the Rectangle tool, and so on to create shapes like triangles. We used clipping masks in this project which is something entirely new to me. I still don’t understand what the tool does exactly and how to apply it to other projects, but it does seem like a useful tool.

Illustrator Exercise

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Project 1: Object 2: Pencil Sharpener

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Pencil sharpeners are always needed in the office, and mechanical pencil sharpeners are the way to go. The design of this sharpener is smooth and simple, and lets not forget that it’s black.

Project 1: Object: Hole Punch

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What is unique about the design of this hole punch is that it is not the typical, cheap silver hole punch that you can find in any classroom or office supply store. This hole punch is designed sort of like a stapler, it has an awesome color (black), it is durable and very convenient for the office. Most of all I really just like the color. It’s so Low Key and sophisticated.

Hello world!

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